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About Harcourts Concierge

Assisting you with all of your home financing needs

At Harcourts Concierge we have partnered with one of the best service providers in the nation to be able to assist all of our clients with any of their home needs. Whether it’s looking to enhance your home before it goes on the market or you are looking for financing support in between selling one home and shopping for another we want to make sure you are covered. Introducing Harcourts Concierge, a solution for every circumstance.

The Enhancement Loan

We can provide the home loan solutions you need which will make a significant difference for your financial future.

No Monthly Payments

Don't worry, while you are working on enhancements for your home and preparing it for the ideal sale you don't have to stress about monthly payments. We want you to focus on getting your home ready for the market. Repayments are made once the sale of your home occurs.

No Renovation Restrictions

You know your home best. We will never tell you which enhancements to make to your home prior to sell. We always recommend you consult with your realtor as they are the local expert but you are free to make any changes that you believe will increase the market value of your property prior to sale.

Loans up to $50,000

No matter if you are looking to do structural work to your property, remodels, landscaping, staging, or anything else you and your Realtor® can think of that will better position your home on the market, we have a loan that can significantly change your property and ultimately your financial future.

What Clients Are Saying

More than a loan, this is a tailored solution

"We recently had to put our investment property on the market after renting it out to a wonderful tenant for the last 10 years. Unfortunately over the last decade our home has become quite outdated and it needed some updating to ensure we would receive top dollar for our home. Without this loan we wouldn't have been able to do this. Thank you to everyone involved."
– Sarah C.
"I had a great experience with the entire Harcourts team. From the auction process to the bridge loan they made the entire process extremely simple. Would definitely recommend them to anybody in the market."
– Timothy W.
"We were definitely scared to take a loan out during the selling process but our Harcourts agent suggested we update the carpets and landscaping in order to compete against the other homes on the market on our street. Super happy with our decision as the loan was super easy and we were able to pay it back almost immediately as our home sold before any other's on the block."
– Adam J.

The Bridge Loan

We are focused on trying to make the transition from your current home to your new home as smooth as possible

One Simple Process for Both Loans

We want to get you into the home of your dreams as smoothly as possible and we know that's often times difficult to do when you need to currently sell your home first. This loan process is simple and allows you to secure your dream home the moment you find it. We are able to do this by combing the underwriting process for both your bridge loan as well as your new home loan at the same time.

Loans from Min $50k – $400k Max

Our clients come from all walks of life and because of that we have worked to secure a wide range of financing all at an affordable cost which will allow you to put down the needed deposit on your ideal home. The $400k maximum loan allows you to put down 20% on a $2M home and the $50k minimum loan gives you a wide range of homes to choose from below that maximum limit.

Works Directly with Your Agent

Harcourts Concierge and RMP Mortgage work directly with your real estate agent to ensure that all loans facilitated have your best interest at heart. Your Realtor® will work with you to ensure all of the requirements are met to ensure this loan is right for you and then from there will help you get into a home that makes sense for you and/or your family. We are excited to embark on this journey with you.

The Design Team

How it Works

We are ready to provide recommendations for updating surfaces, decor and landscaping suited to the seller’s budget and trends

Consultation & Budget

The Harcourts Concierge Design Team will provide recommendations for the enhancements that will maximize your selling price. They will then provide a bid for those enhancements so that you clearly understand the investment and can apply for the enhancement loan.

Enhancement Loan & Appointment

Once you understand the amount needed, apply for the enhancement loan. The Design Team will reach out and request an appointment to assess the needs of the home and provide quotations for recommendations and a timeline.

Design Time!

Once the loan is secured and upon acceptance of quotes from the Design Team, work will be scheduled and they will inform you of the expected completion date so that photography can be scheduled and the listing can go active!

Contact our Design Team!

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